29 Haziran 2014 Pazar

yeehh here wee gooo

Yes today ı ll explain you a new expression ? You guys may know the cartoon named is speedy gonzales actually there wasnt any cartoon named this but ı didnt remember it so what ^^  Today's expressiion is very very useful for those speak fast. And ı know many of you are suffering from fast talkers. And also today ı m not gonna translate this into turkish Why ? Because ı want you to understand this by english if you have any problem just ask me and ı ll explain it by using turkish no problem until then take care everybody ^^

Did you understand anything he said?
No! He talks a mile a minute~
He should be a sports announcer!
Yeah! He'd be perfect for the World Cup^^

Ne dediğini anladınmı?
Yoo o kadar hızlı konuştu ki
Spor spikeri olsa gerek
Kesinlikle dünya kupası  için iyi olurdu ^^

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